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To find out how I can help you and for me to create your programme please give me, Ian Marshall, a call 01962 809554 or email


To help you to achieve a life that you will find more rewarding. A life that allows you to balance the excitement and challenges that you want, with the ability to cope with the frustrations and disappointments that we all experience.

Time for Reflection - What do I really want from my life?

Time to Move Ahead -

                 - Find the future that you really want.

Let's make this personal










Lean on me for a while....


My fundamental belief is that you need time. Time to share your thoughts, feelings, worries and dreams.


I tailor your programme to your needs whether you prefer to talk on the phone, email and wherever possible face to face - often it is a mix.


My approach is to really get to know you. Chat over a cup of tea, give you time to feel relaxed. Comfortable in the knowledge that I am both trusted and skilled and experienced in helping people just like you.


Maybe at this time you are  tired out, feeling exhausted. Not sure of what you want or where your want to go in the future. I help you by helping you to find your way forward and to help you get more out of your life.


Mine is a personal service with your needs and dreams at the centre of what I do.


Please - take this opportunity to change you life.



Firby nr Kirkham Priory 003

In our busy and ever changing world we all need time to think and reflect on where we are in life. To find our own meaning and to pay attention to ourselves and what we really want. Whether it is a personal or work issue give yourself time with me I will help you.

At a time when you are thinking of your current life and you need help to  find a way forward that is meaningful - to feel valued and to be motivated towards new goals.


For many people opening up their feelings and desires to someone else takes real courage. I make this easy for you, some people share a little, others a great deal but you will benefit from my help guiding and supporting you to your new future.

        Ian Marshall

01962 809554

"I help you at the point in your life when you need to re-charge your positive emotions"

The Time For Reflections programme is intended for people like you. The reason you now need to think about the future can be many things. Recovering from illness, loss of a loved through bereavement, maybe divorce or redundancy or you can no longer see a future that you want.

Your Future - Designed around your dreams.



We find the need to re-invent ourselves but how and to what. Established in a career you don't like, finding yourself alone, have found new interests but your past is holding you back. These are all typical challenges we face.'


Many people seek out coaching for help with a specific concern in mind and that's fine. However, The core time for reflection programme is beyond that. It is for people who need to re-appraise their whole life. It demands your real commitment, a willingness to come to terms with your past, accept the present and with my help find a belief that there is a future that you really want and that you can achieve.

The one thing that you need to do is to make time for yourself and take that first step towards your new future. Time for reflection is specially designed around you.

Happy CoupleFotolia_85344130_S

As we go through life we change and also the world changes around us and sometimes we find we don't fit any more. The family having grown up and don't need us in the same way - our purpose in life our reason for being is being questioned.  

Wherever you are in life, regardless of your circumstances, you have the capacity to be happy and I can help you.


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