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In an ideal world we would be in control of our destiny and find wellbeing, contentment and happiness on our terms. The reality is that so much of our life is influenced by other people and events and it is we who have to change and adapt.


Too often we react to a situation be it an opportunity or problem without taking the time to put it in context. We take decisions and actions for expediency and often in isolation of our whole life.


What I am not suggesting is that we over analyse but by thinking where we want to be in our life to make important decisions in a considered manner. As with all great journeys it is critical to have a clear understanding of where you are now and then where you want to be. On the surface it is such a simple process but planning that journey and taking the right actions at the right time requires a lot of thought.


Faced with a major change in your life is where I help. Through conversation we explore where you are today, where you want to be, the challenges now and ahead and the pathways that need to be followed. It is not a prescriptive process – it is your life and with my support and guidance you will take back control of your life and your future.


The Wheel Of Life is a great place to start your thinking and our conversations. These are very broad areas and are too simplistic to give you a clear way forward – they are the foundation we need to build upon.


Simply score each area 1 – 10 and then join the dots. This provides a snapshot of how you see your life. Most of us have a “wobbly wheel” that changes as we go through life but in time our aim is achieve a balance that is right for you.


Print off a few copies of the outline wheel below and make some notes, thoughts as life is today and then date it. In time return to these to see the changes, if you want to change headings please do; it is your life.


When you are ready please contact me and we can start your journey.




Ian Marshall                  

Contact me on 01962 809554 or email  

Colour Wheel of Life
Black & White New Wheel 2017

Your Wheel Of Life

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