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“What is essential is that we each take responsibility for our own mental wellbeing and knowing when to ask for help.”

The problem is that most people have never been taught about mental wellbeing - what our emotional states actually mean and how they impact on ourselves and those around us. But knowing that by itself simply isn't enough, we have to learn how to develop our knowledge and understanding of ourselves. Only by knowing this can we ever achieve common goals as well as leading a happy and fulfilled life.

Wellbeing At Work: As a business executive, owner or manager you will be aware of the increasing expectation from all quarters that you take greater responsibility for your employees Mental Wellbeing BUT what about YOU?

Colour in your life

Purpose & Meaning 2020 - A Wellbeing Seminar


At the end of this seminar you will:


Have a greater understanding of yourself and what you want.


We look at how we think and behave – what works and what gets in the way.


Explore learning and personal development opportunities in support of your future happiness and success


Communication - 10 key steps


The challenge of choice - making decisions.


An opportunity to relax.

It is essential that the seminar reflects the needs of your business, group or organisation. Seminars and programmes are changed and developed to meet your specific requirements.


Please contact me, Ian Marshall on 01962 809554 or email

How I can help you:


Executive Support: One to One executive support provides a sounding board for owners,managers and leaders seeking an independent view and help with both personal and management challenges. Coping with stress, managing change and dealing with difficult people. In addition help with Career Transition or moving into retirement


Developing People: When you are considering your organisation you will most likely need to develop the skills and knowledge of your people. The Myths & Magic programme is designed to provide you with a clear process to identify cost effective practical solutions. The Just Add People programme is more strategic and considers the wider needs of your people when planning significant organisational change.


Ian Marshall 2020 Mejma is a registered trademark..

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