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Life Coaching means many things to people but in essence all coaching, sport, executive, career, personal, life, its purpose is to help you to improve performance, achievement and happiness more quickly and more effectively than you trying to do it by yourself.


The goal of a coach is to enable you to gain a better understanding of yourself, what you want to achieve and sharing knowledge and tools to enable you to clarify and achieve your goals.


The purpose of coaching is to support clients to explore ways forward to the destination of your choice. The process is interactive, an ongoing conversation that leads to your actions that in turn lead to the results you want.


Coaching helps you when you have made that decision to move forward in your life. It only works when you decide to take responsibility for your own future and are willing to invest the necessary time and effort.


As a coach my focus is to support and guide you through that journey until the time that you have set yourself on the path that you want. At that time when you believe you have the knowledge and confidence needed to move forward and to take full control of your own future.


Talk to me or least email me to say hello. In our initial conversations I need to understand what in general you are seeking and what are your concerns. Only through this conversation can I begin to understand what you need and then to suggest ways of working together to help you.


Being unhappy and frustrated in your life maybe your reality today but work with me and I will guide and support you towards your new happier future.

Contact Ian on 01962 809554 or email


There is so much more to life and we are all extraordinary if only we cast off the shackles of doubt, believe in ourselves and take action.


Too many people are unhappy in their life and worse still seemingly unable or unwilling to do anything about it. The reality is that you can take control of your life. Find a passion and meaning that will lead you to achieving far more than you ever thought possible.





Happiness is not a latent experience; we have to explore and take action to find new destinations, meaning and purpose.


We must fight those dark times on our journey and only then we will experience those feelings of excitement, contentment, wellbeing and happiness that we deserve.

"Life coaching is a positive solution to coping with issues causing anxiety, stress and depression; enabling you to take control of your life and to achieve your dreams."

Bringing Your Life To Life


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