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"The purpose and meaning in my life is to help guide and support others to find their purpose and meaning resulting in their happiness" bringing their lives to life.









Understanding the motivation as to why people behave as they do has intrigued me for most of my working life. Is what is going on in my head the same as other people and how do people make decisions. Do they feel the same way as me, what makes them as they are. I can see and feel happiness and sadness, anger, frustration and disappointment in others - as well as experiencing those feelings in myself.

As my life has moved along I have enjoyed the passion of love, experienced many great times with friends and family and enjoyed a successful corporate career and my own businesses. Travelled a lot, survived marriages, motorcycling and hospitals. I have also experienced lost loves, family crisis and illness. Been made homeless, one boss was shot and killed, another boss a white collar criminal, redundant four times and coping well with ongoing health issues.


Overall I am happy with my life and on the whole I’m OK and still have dreams to fulfil and enough energy and determination to keep going. Helping people through coaching and counselling gives me real satisfaction, a meaning and purpose helping others to finding their happiness.


The sadness that I feel most is that too many people are unhappy in their life and worse still seemingly unable or unwilling to do anything about it. The fact is that you can take control of your life. Find a passion, excitement and meaning that will lead you to achieving far more than you ever thought possible and along the way find the happiness you are seeking.


Over many years I have experienced the hopelessness of depression only overcome by time and the support of my doctors, children – they and my grandchildren and a few very special friends and mentors.


With expertise in personal development - life coaching and experience gained in my life I help other people who are now at a point in their life when they have had enough. People who want to find happiness, a better future and that’s where I come in. This may be taking time to see your current world in a different way or finding a dream to follow and any and all places in between.


To achieve this I have created a series of programmes under the banner of “The mejma experience”. The programmes explore how we think and feel, what gets in the way and how to find our values and beliefs.


My beliefs and values are best expressed by MEJMA that stands for the way I want to create my life goals:


Meaningful - having real importance and purpose

Emotional - creating the feelings that support your beliefs and values

Justifiable – the investment in time and effort reflects the benefit

Motivational – the driver to take action

Altruistic - a concern for the welfare of others


With these values and principles always in attendance and through my mejma programmes I want you to achieve your dreams and find the happiness you deserve.


I have the time to help you to find happiness, do you?


Ian Marshall - Bringing your life to LIFE


Talk to me now on 01962 809554 or email

Ian Marshall - Bringing your life to LIFE

Ian Marshall


Phone:  (UK +44) 0 1962 809554




Ian Marshall 2020 Mejma is a registered trademark..

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