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Finding Happiness”

"Finding Happiness" is a programme for people wanting more out of life through a better understanding of our emotions and how we think and learn. This helps us avoid the negative feelings that bring us down and how to find more happiness in just being ourselves.

Happy Bird

"Helping you help yourself"

~ Our not so simple mind - Anxiety & Stress

Learning for life - The Challenge of Choice ~


Understanding yourself and finding what you really want to achieve is what we all need to do whatever age you are 17 or 70. This programme creates a great framework on how your thinking affects your decisions and what you need to learn and do to get more from your life.

How does my mind work?


Understanding emotions


How you learn, what gets in the way


Finding what motivates you.



Is this the right programme for you?


"Finding Happiness" provides a stuctured path for people who want to find a way forward from a bad or difficult time, regain control in their life and motivation.


It is also ideal for those whose colour has gone from their life and need to find purpose and direction and for those bursting with ideas enabling them to identify clear ways forward and avoid limiting beliefs that get in the way of success and happiness.


This personal programme can be at your home or we can agree another venue. Typically our meeting is for three to four hours, sometimes longer, and provides you with great knowledge and a strong basis to move forward for your own benefit and for those around you.


My approach is always to be flexible when working with you and to draw upon other resources and informations for you get the most out our time and conversations together.


To find out how I can help you and for me to create your best programme  please give me, Ian Marshall, a call 01962 809554 or email


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